Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Graduating in 80 days!!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

An evening at the center of campus Posted by Hello


Graduation year, and much more. This year will be a huge turning point for me. If things turn out right, I should be graduating in May, I should be moving from Los Angeles back home to Malacca, but only for a month or so, I should be moving again to Tokyo, and finally, I should be starting my first real job as an engineer at Sony Japan. I was fortunate to have more than one job offer before I graduate. But it was difficult to choose. Finally, I came down to this choice.

There are too many variables in life, and to be able to predict and control each one of them is impossible. Sometimes, you and I just have to decide and move on. And with a lot of hardwork, determination, courage, and just by believing, other things will follow.

Recently, I went to two great concerts and one of them just happened last night. The first one that took place in Caltech was a Pipa solo concert by a woman called Wu Man. She was absolutely fantastic, or should I say phenomenal (and because of that I bought her CD online and just got it today). I have never seen any solo performances like that. She totally became "one" with her pipa. Highly recommended for those who like real music.

Last night, I went to a Herbie Hancock's concert called Directions in Music (took place in my school, and only $8 for students). There were Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, and Roy Hargrove as the three main featured artists. It was an incredible experience as there is so much creativity in Jazz that I don't think there is any limit to it. Highly recommended too, to those who want to have a change and stay away from pop for a little while.

Will post again soon.