Sunday, November 28, 2004

Thanksgiving "hotpot" dinner Posted by Hello

A view from my cousin's apartment in downtown SF Posted by Hello

Thanksgiving holiday

Finally I have a chance to sit down and write a couple of lines. I have been enjoying my 4 day weekend, mostly by hanging out at my girlfriend's place playing this game called Katamari Damacy on PS2. Although the game looks stupid but it's really funny and entertaining, definitely a good family game.

Anyway, my interview at San Jose went well and I should know the result by the end of next week. The entire interview was quite long, it took about 3 hours. First, there was the interview by human resource for 20 minutes, then technical interview by the engineers for 30 minutes, then a written logical thinking test for an hour and they were all in Japanese. Luckily I have a cousin in San Francisco, so before and after the interview, I got to hang out with him.

Now, my long weekend is coming to an end and I have to really start doing my final project for a class which is building a real loudspeaker. Without me knowing, this semester will end in a week (at least for classes but I still have to take my finals throughout the first two weeks of December). You might think that I must be very happy now but conversely, it's kind of sad because this will be my last football season. I wonder when would be the next time to return to the Los Angeles Coliseum to watch the mighty USC Trojans.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Interview again

I just got myself into trouble again. Not always a bad thing though because I am going to San Jose for an interview with Sony. Because of that, I will have to prepare myself a lot since I do not wish to blow this chance. The Sony Japan website is so cool. Even though you might not read Japanese, but it's definitely worth checking out.

Besides preparing for the interview, I would also have to prepare for a presentation for my district's general meeting this Friday, the day before my interview. On top of that, as usual, I have my weekly school work to deal with. What a busy November! Thanks to Thanksgiving though, I will have a rather short week next week.

This is an alpha box for my speaker design class. As you can see, it's made out of a wine box. The final speaker will be made out of real wood. Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 14, 2004

This is the main EE building and the open space (called E-Quad) is also where my departmental graduation ceremony will take place. Posted by Hello

Weekend again

I think my sleeping problem is getting better since I was able to wake up before 9 on a Saturday morning. In fact, I have been waking up before 8 for the past 2 days. It's drizzling outside but today is also our homecoming day. "Homecoming day" is the day of the semester when alumni come back to school to have a gathering, sort of. And it's also on a football Saturday so that people can have tailgate parties with their family/old friends, then go to the football game. As USC is famous for our Trojan family spirit, it's always super crowded on campus on homecoming day.

Yesterday's loudspeaker design class was fun. We were measuring the performance of our alpha box (a test box made out of cardboard that resembles the final speaker box) in class. I saw a lot of interesting designs including a pyramid-shaped speaker, a balloon-like speaker, and some others. By the way, my design is a simple rectangular bookshelf type speaker. The only things left to do to complete the design are to design the crossover (an electronic circuit for the speaker) and to build my real box out of wood.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Can someone's future be potentially promising yet somewhat dissatisfactory at the same time?

It's the time of the life to make "the" decision. I have been thinking a lot lately about this major if not the most important transition period in life. Where do I go after college? As I'm under a scholarship, things get a lot more complicated. Furthermore, as it does not only involve myself, it became even more difficult to make a decision that will create a win-win situation for everyone. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't have to rely on a scholarship (or in this case a scholarship that applies constraints), so that I have the full flexibility in terms of choosing my own future. Of course I still have the freedom to do so, to some degree. I guess that's the price I have to pay. Thinking about it, I do appreciate the "free money" as without it, I wouldn't be what I am today. "Appreciate whatever is happening to you", an SGI leader once told me. I shall remember his words.

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Fall has come to USC Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's coming to an end

Time to take a study break after burying my head in a sea of feedback circuits for hours. It has been a long day. Actually I chose to do as much as I could today to compesate for my laziness on Sunday. Believe it or not, I went to bed although that wasn't my plan and slept through the entire Sunday night right after a late dinner. I wonder if it's just me, once I have fallen asleep, I would give myself all sorts of excuses to continue my sleep although I have told myself to wake up after so and so hours. To make things worse, my dreams make me more reluctant to wake up. And they never fail.

Suddenly, I realized that this semester is coming to an end. To be exact, there are only 4 weeks left. And in terms of football, there are only 3 games left. What am I going to do without football in Spring semester? And in the future if I were to leave the States...

Sunday, November 07, 2004

And the Trojans survived in foggy Oregon

What a close game! However, the mighty Trojans hung on to win and remains undefeated. I usually spend my Saturdays in Fall watching USC football. When I just got to California, I knew absolutely nothing about football (of course I'm talking about American football), now, I think I would still qualify to become an average commentator. For those who don't know American football, which is roughly about the entire population of the earth minus the Americans, it's actually a good sports. It involves a lot of preparation, both physically and mentally, perfect execution, and a whole lot of discipline and courage to win a game. Looking at the pace of the USC Trojans now, we are most likely to play in the National Championship Game in Miami in January. Hrm...since it will be my final year as an undergraduate, maybe I should be part of the crowd in Orange Bowl. Still deciding though.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

ever wonder what a camera sees when it looks into a peep hole? Posted by Hello

Friday night

What a relaxing Friday night. Wine and movie at home. I don't think I'm going out tonight so I'll just stay in front of my computer and write a few lines. I wonder how forgetful can one be? Nevermind, ignore me. I'm just mumbling to myself.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Trying to post a picture, and...

Wow, I am impressed by this blogger thing. Now I would have no excuse not to be in touch frequent enough, if you will, with my very much missed family, relatives, and friends back home. It's 1 am here in LA on a chilly Thursday night/Friday morning, with some clouds in a semi clear sky. I just got back from the computer lab across my apartment. How sad was that, Thursday night in a computer lab?!?! Worse still, my lab partner and I actually could not get the correct waveform.

Back to the better side of things. I finally started "da" blog this afternoon. So far it has been a lot of fun, so keep checking back. I figured this will be a perfect place for me to complain about many things, or even scream-at-you-because-my-waveform-ain't-right.

This week seemed to pass by real fast. Probably because I had two midterms to spend my time on. I shall play some basketball tomorrow to flex my muscles and joints. Peace.

a free afternoon in my apartment Posted by Hello

Message ichi

At last, I have a little time to start my blog. Please bear with me because I'm totally new to this. But I promise, once I get a hang of it, it will be fun fun fun.